PT. Indah Putih Cemerlang is excited to announce our brand new website that has launched early this year. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that we have accomplished since our founding in 2005. Our new website will feature photographs of all our line of products, along with our mission and vision as your reliable P.E.T bottle and packaging supplier.

We know that no business can ever survive if it cannot grow, adapt and keep reinvent itself. Therefore following this principal, we will have a brand new logo and several new line of products introduced to the market later this year.

This marks the next phase in our journey and a new opportunity to grow and deliver better results to our customers. Stay tuned for more content as we look forward to continue to share our experiences with other leading companies across the country.

An Introduction to PT. Indah Putih Cemerlang

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